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VELDA Corporation Maintenance Software

Maintenance Software content : Preventive maintenance schedules: Days, hours, miles, detailed equipment data, work orders, specialties, inventory, purchasing, tracking, reports, parts record, cost analysis, labor task, history, equipment pictures and parts, And many optional features: Open data base, compatible with any Microsoft application, Tracking, remote maintenance, alarm, real time interface and more.  Demo  
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For: Win 3.11, Win 95, 98, 2000 and NT. 

Potential Users:
Factory Maintenance
Construction Equipment
Apartment Buildings
Hotel and Resorts
Truck fleet operations
Health Care Providers
Retail Establishments
Aircraft Maintenance
General Contractors
Maintenance Services
Repair Shops
Easy On Screen Procedure.
3.14  English With Picture Insert $99.95  Order
3.04  German Version With Picture Insert $499.95  Order
3.07  Spanish Version With Picture Insert $199.95  Order
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